Located on the historic slopes of Mount Carmel, overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean, Haifa’s terraced landscape features panoramic views of the sparkling bay and medieval fortress city of Acre. To the east lies the snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon. An important industrial port, Haifa is Israel’s northern capital and third largest city. You will find a unique blend of traditional and contemporary culture. It is home to ancient temples, churches and mosques, as well as elegant hotels, shopping malls, cinemas and white-sand beaches.
Haifa is the gate to all northern Israel’s shore excursions. From Tel Aviv in the south to the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights to the north. Explore our optional excursions from this port.
If your ship is docking only in Haifa don’t worry. Israel is a small country and there for we can perform most of Ashdod’s excursions from Haifa too. Go into Ashdod Excursion page and contact us regarding any excursion you want to book from Haifa.