Moti, we (the whole family!) have all agreed, in all our travels we have had many guides, but you Moti, are by far the best guide we have ever had!.  You shared so much with us, the history, the people, the food and the land of beautiful Israel!  I know my list of must sees was long and I know I have a tendency to wander and linger, but somehow you fit it all in plus so very much more.  You took care of us every step of the way and we truly appreciated it.  Thank you for so many things, my daughters rock from the Jordan River, our surprise visit to the Valley of Elah to have one last stone souvenir, the delicious beautiful warm grapes, the humus lunch, I could go on and on. We are still thinking, remembering and talking about all you shared with us.
Thank you again, Moti!
I hope someday we can return to Israel
All the best to you,