Along the way:

After a morning pick up from the port we’ll drive to the top of Mt Carmel for a a stunning panoramic view over Haifa. we then leave the city, driving north around Haifa Bay and along the Zebulun Valley to reach Acre (Akko) on the edge of the Western Galilee Coast Plain

What you see:

Mount Carmel: Probably the most outstanding viewpoint in Israel. Your rout will take you from the port to the mountaintop, via Stela Maris, to Lui Promenade, right above the Baha’i Gardens, for a breathtaking vista of the city, Haifa  Bay, the Galilee mountains and far beyond to Lebanon.

Acre (Akko): Situated on the northernmost point of Haifa Bay is the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site of Acre (Akko). You will have the opportunity to fully discover this fascinating city. Its history dates back almost 4,000 years, playing a pivotal role during the Crusades. Upon your arrival you will begin to experience the intense medieval atmosphere of the area as you descend into the headquarters of the Knights of St. John. Part of this underground city was known as the Hospitaller Quarter .
The Hospitaller Order, which thrived in Jerusalem during the First Crusader Kingdom (1187-1099) transferred its headquarters to Acre during the Second Crusader Kingdom (1291-1191). The Hospitallers, who had a quarter there during the First Kingdom, returned to Acre, expanded their headquarters and rebuilt the site, which consisted of two to three floors around a central court as well as underground sections – water reservoirs and a sewage system.
Your tour takes you through a series of impressive barrel-vaulted rooms called the Crusader Halls, the Latrine. the main court, the Hall of the pillars and Refectorium (dining hall). The Refectorium, also referred to as the Crypt, it a perfect representation of Crusader architecture.
You will next explore the Ottoman period of Akko’s long and colorful history. In this part of your tour you will visit the vibrant 18th-century Turkish Bazaar with its exotic offerings and intoxicating scents, the restored elegant Turkish Bath, now a museum and the port. From the port you will continue on to the enormous Khan El Umdan, also referred to as the Pillar’s Inn, an ancient Caravanserai which once served the camel caravans. This extraordinary experience ends getting back underground to the Templar Tunnel.


  • To fully participate may require periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces. There are steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and periods of standing.
  • Some parts of this tour are underground and in close places require walking bending for short time.
  • The price include guiding and transportation only.
  • The price does not include meals.
  • Extra cost expected for admissions:
    • Akko – combine ticket – 60/52₪ per Adl/Chl