Along the way:

From Ashdod, drive via the Negev Desert and pass by Be’er Sheva (City of Abraham ) and Arad, from where you’ll start your way down, in a scenic road that will take you along the border between the Judean Desert and the Negev Desert, along breathtaking views, from up 2,600ft (800m) above sea level to down the lowest point on earth 1,400ft (430m) below sea level, passing on the way Mt Sodom and a long the southern shore of the Dead to Masada. Your way back to the ship will take along the shore of the Dead Sea north, pass Qumran and Jericho, up cross the Judean Desert to Jerusalem and back to the port.

What you see:

Masada: Herod the Great built a fortress and a palace on this tabletop mountain that towers 1450 feet (442m) above the Dead Sea. It was here that the Jewish Zealots made their last stand against Roman armies during the Jewish revolt. For three years the Zealots held out. With the Romans on the verge of breaching the walls, the zealots chose mass suicide. Ascend the mountain by cable car. Explore the site and see the Ramps, the grains and bath house, Herod’s palaces and the synagogue, one of only four known to date from the period of the Second Temple.

Mineral Beach the Dead Sea: At 1,400ft (430m) below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. The mineral laden water is undrinkable and supports no life. Experience a classic moment for travelers to the Holy Land: a float in the Dead Sea. The salty waters keep even non-swimmers afloat. Situated on the northern part of the Dead Sea, owned and operated by Ahava, the famous Dead Sea cosmetic products factory, Mineral beach offer the ultimate opportunity, both to experience the unique floating adventure in the salty water along with using the famous mineral mud that you can find naturally and for free in this beach. Also you can enjoy here the unique thermo-mineral pool of hot spring water that contain Sulfur, consider to be great for skin treatment.


  • Wear conservative attire when visiting religious sites. Please cover shoulders and knees.
  • To fully participate may require periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces. There are steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and periods of standing.
  • Walking shoes are recommended together with sun protection.
  • Swimming suite is needed. Towels can be rented at place.
  • Extra cost expected for admissions – 45/29₪ per Adl/Chl