Along the way:

This day will take you along some of the most beautiful scenic roads in Israel. Leaving the port you’ll drive north east, cross the Zebulon Valley and up toward Beit Kerem Valley, on the border of the Lower and the Upper Galilee, famous for the ancient olive trees, some older than 1,000 years.
Make your way up the high mountain of the Cana’an Ridge to the city of Safed.
Next you’ll drive down toward the Hula Valley and cross the Jordan River to start your ascent up the Golan Heights to the Volcanoes Land.

What you see:

Safed: Walk through the picturesque narrow alleys of the old city of Safed, once dominated by Kabala Rabies and now by artists and art shop, creating a mosaic of colors and sights. Experience the atmosphere of the expectation the Messiah that feed the unique feeling of the visitor to this place. You’ll visit the old synagogues The Ha’ari (founder of the Kabala movement) and Rabi Abuhav. You’ll have the chance to explore the art galleries and the shops while enjoying this beautiful city.

Golan Heights: Rising more than 500m above the Sea Of Galilee this area was a once center of Jewish settlement since the Roman period. Nowadays, after taking over this piece of land from Syria in the Six Days War 1967, this once a battle field is one of Israel most beautiful and prosperous area. A scenic drive south on the heights, in the countryside of this volcanic land, will bring you to one of the most amazing and breathtaking view point in Israel – Mitzpe Lashalom – above the southern end of the Sea of Galilee, offering vistas to Tiberias, Mt Tabor, the Jordan Valley and more.
Descending down from the height via Hamat Gader ascent will take you by the triangle of the borders between Syria, Israel and Jordan.

– If time permit a short stop will be possible at Yardenit Baptismal site on the Jordan River.


  • To fully participate may require periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces. There are steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and periods of standing.
  • The price include guiding and transportation only.
  • The price does not include meals.
  • No extra cost expected for admissions